Why use KHTC, you ask?

Others can say this much more eloquently. But... Transporting has given me a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment that I haven't had very often. I have been owned by more strays than I can count. But have hit an age where it is difficult to care for so many. But I can still drive. This allows me t continue to help in a small way. Besides having so many beautiful babies pass through my life to loving homes I get to love on them for a short time. It also gets me out of the house for a purpose and I get to see some scenery. What more can I ask for. Love, travel, accomplishment as meeting like minded people.


As a transporter, I find the whole group is amazing. When I first started, figuring I'd just do it one time to help this one situation. Then...found myself addicted! The feeling you have when you help these furry friends get to a home that is warm, welcoming and loving is a feeling that cannot be described. A piece of your heart goes with each one, and a piece of theirs stays with you. We can't save them all...but knowing we are making a difference is a wonderful feeling.


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Two years ago, we fell in love with a puppy in east Texas who was about to be euthanized. We were referred to KHTC as a means to get him from Texas to northern California. They were very thorough and very professional. After the initial set-up, it took two weeks and countless volunteers to get our puppy to his furever home with us. We have made so many friends along the way and as a result, have become volunteer transporters ourselves. All my wife and I can say is this organization is the best and very committed to what they do. We will support them until we are no longer here on this earth.

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Posted by Deb Hill on

Pepper is now on his last leg to going home. I felt so bad for David having to wait so long for me to get out of work, but all is good as Pepper is safely with him now in the big rig heading to Utah. Cheryl did a wonderful job coordinating all of this. And thanks to Dave for taking care of Pepper for the 3 weeks before Cheryl was able to connect with me to pick him up. Great job everyone! I'm sure Pepper's family will be ecstatic to see him Sat.

Posted by Tammy Davis M. on

I so so wish I had known about this service when I had to leave Arizona and go back home on emergency situation when my 93 year old aunt had to have eye surgery and I just had to be here, I had full intentions on returning back to Arizona. unfortunately that wasnt to be. I asked my "SO CALLED BEST FRIEND" at the time if she could please hold my 3 huge cats that I had rescued until I could get up the $$ to get there and get them home safely. As it was, after only 3 days of my 5 point fatty boy simease cat was stressed out that I was not there and this so called friend had him put down!!! I tried to contact her from Vermont and desperately tried to contact the HUMANE SOCIETY to save him before he was euthanized and all the woman said to me as I cried my heart out,was..."she's not a good friend is she??"....I tried desperately to get a wayto get them home, as I was already strapped having to send her $$ every week just to feed them. I still dont know today if she has put my two other babies down ( my guess and feeling is that she has done it ) as she will not answer my calls. I wish I had a way of finding out if they are still alive, I am beside myself about this. I cry and pray every night that they are ok. Her name is Linda she goes by the name of PEACHES and her number is 602-228-2225 ,..... and this is the total reason why i have signed up for voluteering to foster and transport, as I so wish I knew of you then and this heartache would not be killing me everynight as I try to sleep. Thank you so much for making this whole thing possible for the ones who need to be united. Thnk you thank you thank you!

Posted by Mary on
Thank you for your wonderful service matching that of the angels!

Posted by Kathleen on
Jaxx would have been a year old today.
Posted by Misty Keen on
Today, January 2, 2014, is the one year anniversary of losing my second rescue dog, Buster, to Lymphoma. In September of 2012, KHTC brought Cowboy to me in Des Moines, Iowa. He has brought new life to my family. There was a huge hole that was left by my sweet Buster and Cowboy is doing an excellent job of filling it. My other furbaby, Cooper, & I still miss Buster terribly but Cowboy is easing some of that pain. I can never express how grateful I am to all the voluteers that brought Cowboy to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Misty Keen

Please post this to your Facebook page. I am a member thete but I am unable to post or send a message.
Posted by Kerry Flood-Mellen on
KHTC brought our wonderful Border Collie, Greta (formerly named Sunny during her transport), to us back in August. I am forever grateful for the hard work all of the volunteers who helped Greta become a part of our family.
Posted by Jenny Holland on
WOW! What a terrific service. You got our pup all the way from Nevada to Maryland without a hitch. He arrived happy and healthy and is now installed in his forever home. We were so impressed by the way you organized his complicated trip and we thank you from the bottom of our dog-loving hearts!
Posted by Andrew on
My transport for my cat starts in a few days. Thank you for offering this service, as I would never be able to get him back home. I can't wait to see his adventure on the road!
Posted by Mark on
The best day of your life...
Today, I realized that this was going to be one of the best days of my life.

Because of a snafu in communications, I spent an extra hour of my day with Smokey. (Smokey is Doberman that is going from a bad situation to a much better place. I gave him a lift on his trip).

Because of the extra time, I walked around with Smokey, as he sniffed the heck out of everything. We took a break, and sat down in the back seat of my car. After many noggin' and butt scratches, - I threw my arm over him, and Smokey laid his head on my leg. And took a nap. And I hugged him. A lot.

Nothing like a Doberman snoring on your leg, to make ya smile.Then, after my leg fell asleep, we got out of the car, and went over to a grassy area, and watched the sun set.

I don't know if he ever watched the sun set before - but today, it was one where he was on the first day of the rest of his life. When the other transporter showed up, Smokey got into her car. He knew his trip wasn't over. There was much more coming up!
This was one of the best days of his life.

And mine.
Posted by Pat Mulieri on
I am a Pasco County commissioner and just read about this transport. You are great . As always our shelter is overloaded. Not sure staff knows about your group . I volunteer at the shelter.

I have copied information. Pat.
Posted by Jeff Scott on
Driving transports for KHTC is an honor. I have driven several through the Midwest.
They are extremely organized, carefully monitoring each transport all along the way to the ending destination through social media, phones, and any way to contact one another.
I've also met some of the nicest, caring people one could ever hope to meet, each new one I've met already feels like an old friend because we share that common thread of loving animals and wanting the very best for them.
Thank you KHTC! Wonderful organization!

Posted by Juanita Robbins on
Kindred Hearts is a wonderful organization. I adopted my dog from California almost a year ago. They transported him from California to IL and it was the most amazing journey, thanks to an AMAZING group of people who came together for one cause. Many lives are saved thanks to Kindred Hearts Transportation. Kindred Hearts is extremely caring about each and every animal they transport. There is constant communication through the approval process of your application to when your precious furbaby arrives to your forever home or reputable rescue. Since my amazing experience with KHTC I have since become a volunteer for KHTC in various aspects. My favorite part is now helping other furbabies get to their forever homes or safe rescue by transporting, and I might add it is the best stress reliever ever! Thank you Kindred Hearts Transportation and all the amazing group of wonderful people who brought me my precious baby, and for all that you do to save the lives of many. God bless you!
Posted by Anita on
Candy is a 2 year old female pit bull that arrived at the NYC ACC kill shelter on Nov 12, 2014. - Candy's post https://www.facebook.com/Urgentdeathrowdogs/photos/a.907893995890147.1073743294.152876678058553/905835292762684/?type=1&permPage=1
Candy was pulled to freedom. I got in contact with Kindred Hearts Transport and after emails, questionnaires and a due diligence inspection, Candy started her transport from NJ to Ca. Candy was transported by 28 people, 43 legs a total of 3068 miles with 3 overnight sleepovers, a 2 night stay, a 3 night stay, a 4 night stay & a 10 night stay on her trip. I cant THANK Kindred Hearts enough for what they do. Please know they are ANGELS!!!
Posted by Terry on
I found a little dog recently who thankfully got on a transport up to Canada from Texas. I called him Rookie. I wanted to thank all of the people who drove those 3 dogs up there. My mind is absolutely blown by the coordination that went into this undertaking, it is absolutely amazing!! I had no idea people did things like this....so I'm thinking there were 20-30 drivers just for 3 little dogs! So amazing.
I cannot thank each of you personally but I hope some of you will read this and know how thankful I am to each of you.
Posted by Victoria Bush on
I was one of the drivers that had the pleasure of helping Rookie on his way to a new life. He is a sweet boy. Thank you for saving him.
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