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 Volunteering as a Kindred Hearts Transporter gets you no award,

It’s the success of uniting a dog to their forever home is our reward.

It’s an orchestrated effort like a well oiled machine,

The dogs being transported are treated like a king or a queen.

Like an air traffic controller the route is well planned,

From the northern snow to the sunny southern sand.

Some of the dogs greet their next ride with a wag of their tail,

While others are unsure, it’s the reason we won’t fail.


We show them comfort while they settle in,

Before you know it they give you a grin.

Being the host of an overnight stay must be done right,

They will need to rest and be checked on throughout the night.

Everyone along the way must commit to their part,

It’s all for the dogs and comes from the heart.

Everyone must drive with care every leg along the way,

The dogs are counting on us to get them home,

I am Reinman Ray.