Request a Transport

For all who are requesting KHTC assistance in managing transport for your animal (i.e. we put together a run sheet and coordinate the transport), KHTC has an established procedure to help gather the information we need to fulfill your request and provide information that you need on the requirements for transport.
  1. You will need to complete the transport application found below.  We will not begin a run sheet or any other activity until this is received. Complete the application fully, even if you need to answer TBD (to be determined). After clicking SUBMIT, you should get a screen that says "thank you for submitting an application". 
  2. If you did not receive this screen but are instead still on the page that says "Request for Transport", you have an error. Please scroll down and look for the notice of error and correct the indicated problem on your application. NOTE: You will need to reattach your photo each time before you re-submit.
  3. If you are not on the Thank You page, your application has not gone through to be processed. Contact for further assistance.
  4. An application processor should be in touch with you via email, usually within 48 hours.  If you have not received an acknowledgement that your email was received within 48 hours, please email with request for assistance! 
  5. Once due diligence has been completed and your application has been approved, your transport will be scheduled, a transport coordinator (TC) will be assigned, and the  TC will be contacting you to discuss details.
  6. A couple of days prior to start of transport, the TC will send you a transport confirmation form to complete - this gathers health certificate information for the animals and also confirms dates and locations for pick-up and delivery of the animals.  Health certificates are obtained as close to start of transport as possible. Your TC will advise you as to what is required based on the statutory requirements of the states you are traveling through. Note that the certificate period MUST cover THROUGH THE END OF TRANSPORT.
  7. Let the fun begin. All transports are monitored. You will receive updates as the transport progresses. WARNING: We take pictures, give love, hugs, and kisses to our passengers, passengers may have to endure off-key singing, books on CD/tape, and will be exposed to different music genres, scenery, and commentary from their drivers.

The fine print:

  • KHTC reserves the right to refuse the set up of transport to any rescue, organization, or individual.  If transport is refused, we will try to explain the reason(s), but are not required to do so.
  • Before any out of state transport can occur, the animal MUST be up to date on vaccines as appropriate to the animal's age and in good health, including free from worms, fleas, ticks, and kennel cough.  This may require the animal(s) be boarded locally prior to transport.
  • HEALTH CERTIFICATE (HC) IS REQUIRED for any animal crossing state lines.  The HC information will be requested prior to transport.  DO NOT obtain health certificate immediately as the HC must cover the duration of transport and should be obtained as close to transport date as possible.
  • If at any time during the transport process (i.e. during the transport "legs", overnight stay, etc.), the animal becomes ill and requires medical attention, it will be up to the sending/receiving parties to take care of any costs incurred.  The drivers/overnighters/temp fosters of KHTC will not be held responsible.  Although KHTC does not like the idea of any animal being left at a veterinarian's office, if payments for medical issues that occur during transport are not paid at the time of service, we will have to continue with our scheduled transport without your animal.
  • I understand that failure to fully disclose medical conditions may result in rejection of this and any future transport applications for all parties concerned.
  • While drivers are advised as to the appropriate handling of the animal(s) during transport to ensure their safe arrival to their destination, accidents may happen.  In the event an animal is seperated from transport, KHTC will make every effort to return him/her safely to the group.  This may include, but is not limited to: notifying local police, animal control, veterinarians, and shelters; recruitment of local volunteers to post signs and assist in a physical search (IF possible).  We highly recommend that all animals travel with identifying tags.  
  • Incomplete forms will not be accepted i.e. Sending Shelter(s)/Receiving Rescues(s) and ALL passenger information.  Leave nothing blank.
  • Website and vet info (name, phone number, contact person, etc.) must be provided for receiving rescue.
  • If the animal(s) is/are going to an approved adoptive home, we must have the name, website, and contact person for the rescue that completed the home visit.  Vet reference and personal reference must also be completed.  
  • ALL animals going to an adoptive home MUST be spayed/neutered unless written form by a licensed vet is provided on letterhead stating medical reasons this cannot be done.
  • All original paperwork will need sent along with the passengers to hand to the receiving party.  
  • This is NOT a guarantee of transport.  Volunteer transports must have ALL legs filled.  The transport goes if legs fill, if it does not fill, it will be rescheduled until filled or until you cancel transport.  As stated this is a volunteer organization, therefore, anytime KHTC has to cancel a scheduled transport, we will notify all involved parties.

Your Role:

  • You are to provide all information as you know it to be correct and current.
  • You are to provide the transport coordinator everything you know to include animal's disposition, quarantining, vaccinations, needs, and requirements.
  • You are to supply a receiving address and be ready to open your home to the animal that may have any number of issues resulting from being held imprisoned in the shelter.
  • You will be expected to drive a distance to meet up with the transport.
  • What you MAY NOT do is harrass the drivers or the transport coordinator.
  • You MAY NOT contact any of the drivers for any reason.
  • You MAY NOT make any demands of the drivers.
  • You MAY NOT interfere with the transport or the directions it may take, including, but not limited to weather related postponements, driver delays, animal illness,
  • You MAY NOT mistreat or mislead anybody in any aspect of the transport or the animal being transported.
  • You MAY relax and know that this group is recognized as one of the finest, most professional volunteer transport groups existing.
  • You MAY enjoy that your Transport Coordinator has nothing but the health and safety of your animal as his/her first priority.
  • You MAY thank all of the volunteers who donate their time, vehicle, and fuel for no other reason than getting your animal in your loving arms as quickly and safely as humanly possible.

Kindred Hearts Transport Connection Responsibilities:

                                               PRIOR TO TRANSPORT
  • Once the Application is completely filled out and APPROVED, KHTC will begin building the run sheet.
  • After the run sheet is complete, it will be posted to KHTC's facebook group page.
  • Once the run is filled, all parties will be emailed a final run sheet.
                                             DURING TRANSPORT
  • Every KHTC run is monitored.
  • KHTC Volunteers will do everything humanly possible to keep your animal(s) safe during transport.
  • If, due to unforseen circumstances, the run is delayed, i.e. the animal became ill, weather is deemed unsafe for travel, acts of war/terrorism, KHTC will do everything in its power to continue the run as soon as it is safe to travel again.


agree to the terms within this application/contract with KHTC for the transport of the animal(s) listed herein.
MEDICAL: I understand that if my animal(s) becomes ill, or needs medical treatment anytime during the transport, KHTC transporter will take him/her to the nearest Veterinarian/Animal Hospital for treatment. While en route to the nearest Veterinarian/Animal Hospital you will be notified by the transport coordinator. I understand that all medical treatments will be my responsibility. I understand that if I have not paid the medical bills of my animal (s), he/she will be left at the treatment facility until further arrangements can be made. If left at the treatment facility, I understand I am responsible for all boarding costs.
BEHAVIOR: Although it rarely happens, in the event that my animal(s) is attacked by a fellow passenger while on transport, I will not hold KHTC or any of its Volunteers accountable monetarily. I understand that the sender will assess the behavior of each passenger accordingly, but this sometimes cannot be fully evaluated in a shelter or foster care setting.
ABANDONMENT: In the event that transport is in progress and delivery is not obtainable, KHTC will notify the receiving party repeatedly with viable options, i.e. flights, run sheets, personal retrieval, paid transports, boarding. If the animal has been abandoned for seven days at any location, it will then be moved into approved boarding for seven days, to be paid by receiving party. If no resolution is made at the end of those seven days, the animal will be turned over to local rescue. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
REQUIRED PLAN OF ACTION: The sending parties of the animal(s) need to have a plan of action to bring the animal to safety if any of the following circumstances are to occur:
* The last driver exercises their right to refuse to deliver the animal with the receiver due to strong belief that it is not in the animals best interest to be left with receiver. The animals safety and well being is first and foremost in the eyes of KHTC as well as responsible rescues and independent rescuers that want to partner with KHTC in saving lives.
* The adopter or rescue has expressed that the animal is not working out in the home and it needs to be removed and taken to safety. With that said the animal will need to go to a local vet’s office, boarding facility, KHTC volunteer foster, or a rescue in the area. Should this occur, the reversal of transport back to the sender or agent thereof will be implemented.
The application processor will work with you to develop this plan of action.
HEALTH CERTIFICATE: I understand that I will be required to obtain a Health Certificate (HC) prior to transport. I will NOT obtain HC until instructed to do so by KHTC. I understand that obtaining HC before instructed to do so may require that I obtain another. I also understand that , if transport is delayed for any reason and the HC will expire, I will be required to obtain an additional HC.
By signing here, I attest that I understand and accept the conditions described above.
Enter Name of Sending Shelter, Rescue, or Individual:
If Rescue or Shelter, provide the following information - private individuals type N/A:
Enter Name of Receiving Rescue or Individual:
If Rescue, provide the following information - private individuals type N/A:


If you are a receiving rescue and animal(s) will be delivered to a private adopter, KHTC requires that proof be provided that home and reference checks have been performed before transport will commence - our application processors will request that information. If you do not perform these checks, you are required to provide reference information for the adopter and KHTC will perform reference and home checks before we will transport any animal(s).
If sender is a private adopter, be advised that, before transport will commence, KHTC will perform home and reference checks if none have been performed by other involved parties. Enter reference information below.
In an effort to ensure animal health and safety, receiving private adopters will be asked to provide two references. We ask for a veterinary reference for verification that your current animals are up-to-date on vaccinations. We will accept references from a previous veterinary clinic if you don’t have animals currently but have owned them in the past year.
*If this is your first animal and you do not have a veterinary reference then please add a professional reference and also provide the information on the veterinary clinic in which you will be taking your new animal to. Please notify your vet that we will be contacting them, due to privacy laws.






Note: If you are requesting transport for more then on animal, please separate information with commas, FOR EXAMPLE: NAME Lily, Sasha BREED Chihuahua, American Eskimo
KHTC requires that all animals meet a 21 day quarantine period before they are eligible to travel. Quarantine is defined as either being out of a shelter in private home, foster home, veterinary/private boarding OR in a separate area of the shelter designated specifically for that purpose.


Sending Party MUST provide enough food to accommodate the number of animals they are sending for the period of transport. Each animal MUST be sent with applicable restraint: sturdy collar/leash, crate, etc. Each animal must have identification attached to the animal that includes contact phone number and animal name.
KHTC does carry food/ treats for animals on their transports just in case there are any emergency situations. For example, vehicle breakdowns, etc. However, we do not carry enough to give to over night fosters. We also carry water for our trips to keep our passengers hydrated. Along the trip, we will monitor each passenger’s bowel movements, habits, etc. to be able to report to the receiver of the animal/animal.
By providing my electronic signature below, I attest that I have read ALL the above terms and conditions of this agreement, listed online at I also agree that ALL the information provided on this application and it's attachments are true and correct.
Please note that, if you have an error, you will be taken to the top of this form. Correct your error AND RE-ATTACH your picture (the picture upload gets wiped out when an error occurs).
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If you have any issues or questions about completing this application, please email  We will reply to you as soon as we can.